Thursday, April 4, 2013

Drink, Dance, Dream

So y'all know that I have the best husband right?  Well this week he surprised me with an in home date night (getting out with a little nursling and a toddler is kind of difficult these days).  Monday he sent me this invitation in my email:

How fun is that?!

Drink: He went to the store and bought ingredients to make my favorite cocktail...complete with garnish and little straws :)  Amaretto Sour...yum!

Dance: He had some jazz playing in the back ground as we talked and played some games (checkers, chinese checkers, and crazy 8's).  We would take periodic breaks to do a little slow dancing in the dark.  It was sweet and romantic :)

Dream:  Originally when I saw this I thought it meant I was going to take a nap during the day and sleep all night while he did Shepherd's nighttime feedings....but what he planned was way better.  We "dreamed" of a family Disney trip!  We planned how long we want to stay, where we would stay, extra things we would want to do.  We added up how much it would cost and then planned how long it would take to save up the money.  I am really excited! We are hoping to go in about 3 years when Inara is 6 and Shep is 3, stay for a week in a resort at Disney, and get a dining plan.  I seriously can't wait.  Oh and while I was looking up stuff online...Justin was giving me a foot massage :) Did I hit the jackpot or what?

It was a super fun little date night :) And then I got to sleep in the next morning. SCORE!


  1. That is AWESOME. Also, as you plan for Disney, sometimes if you plan to go at a less busy time like January, you can sometimes get a basic meal plan added on for FREE if you stay at a resort. SO worth it! We couldn't even use all our credits and took a bunch of snacks home!

    1. Thanks for the tips. We would like to go in october which is also not a peak time. I am really excited! We went on our honeymoon and I can't wait to go back

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