Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Party

Last year I saw this idea for a Spring Party from OhAmanda and I loved it. We had our own little Spring Party last year and I managed to throw one together this year too. It was really fun to do all the secular Easter things.  We don't want to take the fun out of those celebrations, but we just wanted to make sure that on Easter the right things were celebrated.

We prepared by dyeing eggs.  I really had to allow my self to have fun :) I am such a freak and didn't want colored dye everywhere. I soooo wanted to just dye them my self, but alas I was a fun mom and let Inara do it all. He really had a lot of fun.

We sang songs while we let the eggs sit.
Inara grabbed Justin's hand and held it the whole time.
She loves her daddy!
And while we were waiting for the eggs to dye, we also stumbled upon this awesome gem of song/video. Inara was obsessed with it and watched it over and over.

We invited some friends over and had some brunch together. I also made this yummy Blushing Mimosa Mocktail for us all to have. It was delicious. I just substituted the champagne for sparkling apple juice...YUM!

Source: Allrecipes
Next week hid the baskets for the kiddos.  After they found the baskets, then the looked for the eggs.

Girls making a craft

Fun loot from her basket

Marley is pretty much in love 

They made bunny noses...although they kind of look like spiders.

Even this little guy had fun

I mean seriously. What a cutie :)

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