Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Party

*This post is so old :( But I still wanted to have the memories for me to keep!

This weekend was our 1st Annual Spring Party. I got the idea from Amanda at Impress Your Kids.  Like her, I didn't want to take the fun out of secular Easter celebration, but I really wanted Inara to learn about what Easter is REALLY about!  So I talked to Justin and we decided we would have a Spring Party to dye eggs, look for baskets, and to look for eggs.  Then on ACTUAL Easter we will celebrate in other ways.

When we were talking about having our spring party, Inara overheard and was really excited. She asked if Matt, Katie, and Marley could come. Of course they can! They are like our extended family anyway :)  We didn't actually have our party on the first day of spring because it is the middle of the week and wouldn't really work out for us.  So, Saturday my parents and the Stephensons came over.

First we dyed eggs. She thought that was super fun. P.S. No matter how fun the glitter seems to add to eggs...don't do it! We have been finding glitter all over our house for 2 months!

Looking for her basket
Found it!

Ready to eat candy!

MK with butterfly glasses

Hmmm...where are more eggs

Dude...I have no idea?!

Bunny Bowling

Daddy love!



Our little lambs!

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