Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have been kind of in a spiritual "funk" lately.  I guess its been going on for about a month.  When I started my new job I had to work everyday 8-430 for 2 weeks and I have been working full time on the floor for almost a month...phew! Full-time working moms...you are super-heros for doing that week in and week out. 

I tried to read a little in the mornings. I would wake up, which is a feat in itself, but my brain just did NOT work that early.  Then after a few weeks I developed a nasty habit of not savoring but ignoring my time with the Lord. I could see its effect on my heart.  I was just blah.

Then Sunday at church..amazing!  My church is doing a sermon series on Worship. The past 2 weeks have been titled "What does whole hearted worship look like?". It was so good for me to hear the biblical truth preached. Our church isn't perfect, but I am beyond grateful for the comittment to preach biblical principles and truths.  Go here and listen...I promise you will not regret it!

I had been coming to God, or just ignoring Him altogether because I just had too much "stuff" to deal with. My heart was nasty and sinful and I could feel the distance I was putting between me and God.  But these past 2 weeks have jsut reminded me... it is not about me!  I mean DUH right?  How silly I am.  The God of the universe, who chose me from before time, to die for my sins (and not because of how lovely I am, but because how good HE is), died for MY sins...not just sin in general...but every little nasty, black, sinful part of me. How quickly I lose the focus from what He did and is doing, to what I should/need to do to deserve his favor.

I am renewed with hope that my biggest problem has been taken care of and there is nothing I can do to ruin that.  "We are loved, and its quite enough that we are loved"- so simple but so true!

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