Saturday, April 28, 2012

Potty training

Well last weekend we made plans to be at home for 5 days to really knock out this potty training buisness :) 

 We bought a potty for her at the store 

Practiced with Big One

 But it became apparent that she just was not ready.  She could hold her pee for a really long time (over 2 hours), but did NOT want to pee on her potty. She would just pee all over in her big girl undies. We tried rewards, but that didn't work either. Finally at the end of day 2, we talked to her about going back to diapers. It was obvious she KNEW what to do, and was ABLE to do that, but she just didn't WANT to pee in the potty...and well...ya know what...we can't make her do that. So we will try again in a few months I guess.  I took some pretty hilarious pictures of her during those 2 days, but I guess they aren't internet appropriate. 

*Addendum for readers without kiddos- Prior to having Inara I seriously never understood what would possess a parent to talk so openly about potty training and even post photos of their little one in the act...I mean come on people this is a personal thing ya know?!  And while I still am not goint to put a picture of her poop on here, just trust day if God blesses you with children, you will get excited about EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO! Potty training become exciting because your precious, sweet, tiny baby is now become a big kid...potty training in itself is NOT exciting, but trust me...when YOUR kiddo starts to do will be exciting and you will understand.

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