Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Inara had on a dress yesterday. While we were shopping she said "I'm dressed like a princess". I said "You are! But what REALLY makes you a princess?" After a long pause she smiled and said "Because Jesus made me!"

It made me smile too! Having a girl is so much fun, but sometimes its hard to teach about what is real beauty and where our worth really comes from. It was a nice gift from Good to show me all we are doing is not in vain, and she is ACTUALLY listening to us!

And here are some pics from yesterday, because I really hate to do posts without photos!

Inara in her "princess dress" and her 2 new Yo Gabba Gabba friends she got yesterday.

She also got a Hello Kitty dress (She calls Hello Kitty "Marie" from the Aristocats). Sh also got some Marie hair clips AND jewelry. 

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