Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sesame Street!

Inara has loved Sesame Street for a long time.  A few months ago I saw an ad for Sesame Street Live at US Bank arena. I was excited and my awesome mom scored us tickets!  Before the show you could play in little areas from the show.  She had a really good time, but kept asking to see Big Bird. 

Then the show started and she loved it! She sat on my lap almost the who show (90 minutes) except to get down and dance a little with her buddy.  Of course our BFFs The Stephensons came :)  We bought her a little toy that she loved and called her "spinner".  She ate cotton candy, popcorn and had a great time! We definitely will be taking her when they come back next year!

In Oscar's can


MK is SOO photogenic and beautiful! Look at those cheeks!



A little overwhelmed with all the stuff!

Playing in Elmo's World

She really wanted that cookie :)

Beautiful girl!

Inara is knocking on the door :)

Current obsession is "bows", she is SO girly!

We were pretty close

Attempt #1 at family picture




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