Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holy week

Last year we did some holy week activities. I really wanted to do more this year, but with a new baby around...I just couldn't get much planned. I didn't want to not celebrate at all just because we couldn't go all out, so we did what we could...which I am learning is my new way of life with 2 kiddos :)  Also, no pictures...also something I am learning with 2 kiddos...its rather hard to document life!

Palm Sunday, I read the story of Jesus riding into town and then we watched this video from Crossroads. She really liked it and wanted to watch it over and over.

Monday, we didn't read anything. I forgot..oops!

Tuesday we read about the woman who washed Jesus' feet an anointed him with the alabaster.  We read from our Jesus Storybook Bible.

Wednesday we read about Jesus washing his disciples feet and the last supper.  We read the story last week too (we read from our Jesus Storybook Bible pretty much at ever meal, so we go through it pretty quickly), and she really was taken that Jesus was more interested in other people than himself.  Last year when we did this, Justin washed her feet and we had our own little last supper.  But this year, I thought she could follow in Jesus' footsteps and be interested in serving others.

I thought we could make some muffins for our neighbors who are having a rough time right now, let them know we have been praying for them, and invite them to church on Easter. Normally when we make muffins for other people, we make enough for us to have some too.  But I told her this time, we were going to be only thinking of our neighbors and were not going to have any. She did surprisingly well  and only asked a few times to eat some.  We also spent some of our time cooking praying for our neighbors.  When we were stirring the batter, we asked God to stir up in their hearts a desire for Him.  When we filled the muffin cups the batter, we asked God to fill their hearts with the Holy Spirit.  It was so good! Why have I never thought of doing this before?! Our neighbors also have a little girl Inara's age living in the house, so I thought Inara could use some of her own candy and make the little girl an Easter basket.  We used a basket my parents gave Shepherd and Inara was not happy at first.  She said "Mom, that is his basket".  Then I explained how we are all going sacrifice and think of others Justin and I took candy from our basket too.  We took them over, and it went really well (more on that later)

Thursday we read about the Garden. I had planned on reading it in the dark to add some more dramatic effect, but that wasn't possible.  I figured reading the story was the important part, not how it was read.

Friday we read about the crucifiction.  I really wanted to focus on it being called "Good Friday".  We had a really good conversation.

Me: Inara, why do you think it is called "Good Friday"?
Inara: Because Jesus died?
Me: Yeah, that's right. Why is that good?
Inara: Because he died for my sins.
Me: Yup!  And do you know what a sin is?
Inara: Sin is when you disobey God.
Me: That's right.  Do you always obey God?
Inara: Well, sometimes I do. But sometimes I don't

Then I tried to explain how I don't always obey God either and that's why He came for us. To rescue us soe can love and obey Him now.  After a few minutes she got distracted by a new toy, but it was still a nice conversation to see how much she is learning.

Saturday, we purposefully didn't read anything.  On this day, Jesus' disciples were scared a confused. They probably felt alone...their best friend was gone.  So I tried to explain this to Inara, so she could try to understand how they felt. I am not sure she understood and I think didn't make as much sense the day we did it as much as it did in my head...does that make sense?

Sunday, we made resurrection rolls like and a little resurrection craft just like we did last year.  It was fun and the girls were covered in butter and cinnamon/sugar mess, which led to a quick bath during which this happened:

Poor guy!  I was so busy with them, that I kind of forgot about him chilling in the swing.  I walked by him and burst out laughing! The really funny thing was that he LOVED it.  When I un-did his swaddler so his entire face wasn't covered, he got so pissed! Funny little boy :)  Then we went to church.  We all made it to church on time with 2 toddlers (who helped me cook, received baths, and were all dolled up), an infant, and a tired hubby who slept all morning from working all night! I really don't remember the last time we made it to church on time. Last year I remember being thankful we kept it low key and stayed together at home, but I also wanted to make a bigger deal this year.  Well this year that didn't maybe next year we will try to make it more celebratory.

Poor Inara and her crazy hair (she won't let me do anything with it.
Don't you just love MK's curls?! I was kind of jealous
after seeing how beautiful her hair is after a bath, no combing or products added
I was telling Justin that whenever I do things like this for her, I feel like I always end up getting more from it than she does.  When I was putting together the basket/muffins for our neighbors, I was going to take a picture and post it here.  (which I forgot..surprise surprise) I had the muffins and basket next to each other and then the invitation to church propped up on them.  The front of the invitation just had a cross and simply said This. Changes. Everything.  I stopped there and stared. It does change everything!  Without the cross my life would be radically different, really in every single way.  Without the cross I wouldn't love (or even care) about my neighbors.  Without the cross, Easter would be all about the bunny and not about true joy.  Without the cross, I would just survive each day instead of having joy in everyday. The cross really has changed everything. Has it changed you? I pray it has!

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