Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter- The Last Supper

Right before the last supper, Jesus washed his disciples feet. Justin thought it would be a really good idea to wash Inara's feet. So we did. It was...interesting.  When washing the disciples feet Simon Peter says "Lord, not me feet only, but also my hands, and my head"..and well that's what happened to us too. Inara was so excited to have Justin wash her feet. She didn't want him to stop and was seriously crying when we were done because she wanted him to keep washing her feet. It was interesting. I was disappointed at first. Thinking "oh man. She just doesn't get it". But then I realized neither did the disciples...and neither do I. I know Jesus wasn't surprised by Simon's response, but it must have bummed him out that his best buds just didn't get what he was doing or why he was there.  But how often to I totally miss the point...all.the.time. So anyway, it was a good realization for me, of who Christ is and what he has done

Then after Inara recovered and stopped crying. We read some more from our Jesus Storybook Bible about the Last Supper, and then we had our own version of the Last Supper with some fancy bread we bought at the store.

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