Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Day 3

*Ooops forgot to post this on Tuesday :)

Yesterdays Easter activity was a little different. We read from our Jesus Storybook Bible about when Jesus was in the Garden.

"I will trust you, Papa," he said.  "Whatever you say, I will do."

We wondered what kind of activity we could do to show how to be obedient, without just telling her to do something.  We thought about how Jesus obeyed God because he trusted him fully. So that's kind of where we went with Inara. We talked about trusting and obeying, how justin and I try to trust and obey God even when it's sad and hard...but it is so good. The she asked a very simple and profound question "why do I get sad?". Justin jumped right in explaining we get sad because of sin in the world and that is why Jesus died on the cross... So we don't have to be sad anymore. 

So our plan was to take her into the kitchen, stand her on the counter, and ask her to jump to us. She would have to trust us that we would catch her, in order to obey. (Just as Jesus trusted and obeyed God).  We put her on the counter and she didn't want to be there at first, so she sat down. We explained that she can trust us so she needs to obey and jump off, and will will catch her. Then she got excited. She still didn't want to stand up, but she "jumped" off and into my arms. Then it was Justin's turn. He asked her to stand and even though you could tell she was a little nervous about standing up so high and jumping...she did! We really tried to drive the point home that she trusted and obeyed, just like Jesus.  And how sometimes it is hard, scary, and sad to obey God...but we can obey him because we can trust Him.

I am excited to share more with her each day, and I know she is learning a little bit here and there, even if its nothing profound!


I would love to hear what you think!

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