Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy Week

Even before Justin and I had Inara we really wanted to make a big deal out of Easter.  It is the ultimate holiday for us.  In December when we read through "Truth in the Tinsel" from Amanda at We really were amazed at how much Inara learned.  So when Valentines came around, we kind of did our own countdown and "redeemed" valentines day to teach Inara about real love...the love of Jesus.  

So as Easter approached I gathered ideas from other awesome bloggers (what did people do before pinterest...I do not know!)  Justin and I slowly whittled down the ideas for what we wanted to do with Inara, and each day this week we will do some sort of activity/craft about Easter.

Yesterday we bought her this cute little cross necklace and it was in a little wooden box. Inara really loves all types of containers, so I knew we had a winner. When we gave her the gift, we wanted to make sure she knew WHY we were giving it to her.  Often when I am wearing jewelry, she asks me who gave it to me and why. So our hope is that when she sees her necklace or box, she will ask those questions.  We told her that when she looks at her necklace/box, we want her to remember that Jesus died on the cross for her sins and then rose from the dead.  She really likes her necklace and has worn it all day yesterday and today.

Today we started off our Holy week celebration by starting with Palm Sunday. I got this idea (once again) from Amanda.  After we read the account from John, then we traced Inara's hand, cut it out, glued it to a pop-sickle stick to make our own palm branches. Justin got out his guitar and then we all sang and waved our "palm branches".  I am excited to do a little activity everyday in anticipation for Easter!  *Eventually I'll get around to posting about our spring party where we did baskets, eggs, and candy...eventually :)*

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