Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter- Good Friday

We actually didn't do our Good Friday activities on Good Friday because we were gone all day long. But who cares right? :) Once again, we started by reading from our Jesus Storybook Bible where Jesus was crucified then put in a tomb.  Inara had been asking to color with these little animal markers, so we started by coloring a picture of the Cross. I tried to find a picture with Jesus on the cross because that is what happened today. So we did.  She noticed his "boo boos" on his hands and feet, and really colors those the most.  She asked why he had "boo boos" and we tried to explain, but I could tell she didn't really understand.

Then after she was done coloring we did one last thing. I saw this from Amanda at Impress You Kids.  It seemed like a really good idea, and I think when Inara gets older it will be good too.  We colored in a little red dot on her hand and said that it was like Jesus' boo boos on his hand.  Then we wrote her name over it because his boo boos are there because he was nailed to the cross and died in her place.  She looked at them for a while then wanted Justin and I to do it as well. We did and it was a good reminder that Jesus died for my sins too.  Being a parent is good.

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