Monday, April 9, 2012

Inara says...

So tonight while reading our Bible we had the following conversation:

Inara: When I grow up I gonna go there.
Me: When you grow up, you are going to go where?
Inara: When I grow up a be a big kiddo, I gonna to be in there.
Me: Where? In the Bible?
Inara: Yeah, I gonna be in there. Right there. *Pointing to the story about the Last Supper*

It was so cute and sweet. I then asked her why she wanted to be in the Bible. I just wanted to know why she thought she could be in there, because she has never said anything like that about another book we have read. And from our conversation, it SEEMS she wanted to be in that story because she wanted to be eating with Jesus. SO SWEET! It was fun to tell her how we CAN eat with Jesus and be with Jesus all day long. She didn't understand, but it was fun and very cool none the less.

Then later tonight we were putting on her socks before bed. I told her she was going to get a pair of socks to put on. We have talked about this before and I THOUGHT she had been saying " a pair of socks", but apparently I was wrong. Instead of saying "a pair of socks" she has been saying "parrot socks" :) kiddos, they are fun. Here is some recent cuteness

She is really getting into wearing my shoes lately :)

Funny faces!

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