Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For real?

So I should probably make it public knowledge more often, but Justin Duke is the best husband around.  He just is seriously the best.  The further along in my pregnancy I get, the more I am convinced I could be a hot mess without him in my life.  He hasn't showed up with a Lexus in our driveway with a red bow (which is good because I would be pretty pissed if he did that), he doesn't whisk me away on exotic vacations, or buy me tons of jewelry...but what he gives me is priceless.

He loves me so intentionally in simple and specific ways. I will take a lifetime of that over "stuff" ANY DAY!  He is so patient in trying to wake me up in the morning (and if you didn't know this...I am kind of a monster in the mornings), gives me SO much grace (which is overwhelming in thinking how much MORE grace God gives to me), and right now he is on his way to his 2nd Kroger looking for a specific juice that I want.  I honestly can't believe that he is mine :) I am definitely blessed by his love.

*Update, he came home with a bouquet of my favorite flowers...just because :) See, I told you he was the best*

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