Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

So remember when I got my first Stitch Fix back in January. Well, I've been saving up my money and this week, I got my second fix! I seriously was so excited to get my box, that when I was notified that it shipped, I kind of cheated! I googled the names of each item they sent me, so I could get a sneak peek!  I know I'm the worst and should have waited, but I was just too excited. I was relieved that it wasn't love at first sight with everything in my box, since I only had enough money saved up for a few items.

So what is Stitch Fix anyway? Well I'm glad you ask. Even though this was my second box and I'll likely get them only a few times a year, I LOVE IT! Stitch Fix is like having your own personal stylist, here's how it works

Create your style profile  
Fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire about your style.
You can even link it up to a specific Pinterest board.
Get five hand picked items
You can even specify what you want/don't want. (No jewelry, only dresses, etc)
Keep what you like and send back the rest
Try on the items in the comfort of your own home.
Send back items in bag with pre-paid shipping.
Comes with styling tips
Each piece comes with styling tips,
how to dress it up or dress it down
Ok, so how much does this cost?
$20 Styling fee
Use this towards the cost of your final order
Get 25% off
If you keep all 5 items, they give you 25% off your purchase
Average price
They state on their average price per items is $65, 
that being said 3 of my items were under $60.

I honestly was so excited to get a personalized note from my stylist!

So are you guys ready to see the contents of my second fix?

This black lace detailed blouse was $38. I thought it was cute and different from what I normally wear
However, it just didn't fit right. It was a tad too big, so I needed to wear a cami under it, and that
just made it look weird. I sent this back.

 Each piece gets a style card with it. Something to dress it up and dress it down.
So fun!

These "Just Black" jeans were $78 and the same brand as the jeans I was sent last time.
They were super comfortable and were the correct size in all the right spots.
They seemed a little too "skinny" for me, but they have a little stretch to them.
Even after trying them on a few times, they stretched a bit. So I kept them!

Here are 2 items together.  This Kut from Kloth jean jacket was $78, and the blue maxi dress was $58.
I already had a jean jacket so I sent that back.  I liked the skirt, but something about the way it was hemmed
made my hips appear even wider that they are.  Plus as a few people mentioned, I could get a maxi skirt for
half the price at Target.  Both sent back.

Here's another picture of the maxi skirt. Also, check how high I had to hike that thing up,
so it didn't drag the ground for like 3 inches.

Last item was this green button up sleeveless blouse for $54. 
I sent this back too.  It was too big and just hung on my body. It was very soft
and would be great for the summer, but not the right size/fit.

So there you have it! Even though I only kept the jeans, I am super happy with this fix! I am glad I didn't love all the pieces, because I can't afford to love them all! But buying a staple item here or there seems doable. Plus the jeans I bought were made in the USA, so that makes me feel better about paying a higher price for them. In fact, 3 of the 5 items were made in the US. And I never would have thought I could wear a sleeveless blouse, but Stitch Fix made me try it! And now when/if I'm out and about shopping around, I'll be more adventurous. And that is really why I love Stitch Fix. I get to try on things in the comfort of my own home, with other clothes that I own, and see what works and doesn't work. It's been good to be pushed out of my comfort zone just a little! I already scheduled my next fix for the middle of August. I am going to a wedding in September, and I always rush out the weekend before to try to find something to wear. I am super excited to be sent a bunch of dresses to try! I mean, how fun is that?

So have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Did you love it? Did you hate it? If you haven't tried it out, I would love for you to sign up through my link! I get a $25 credit when your first box ships. Thanks!

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  1. How fun, it sounds like you made the right choice! You look great.


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