Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

A while ago, I heard of Stitch Fix and I was intrigued. Here's the gist of it:

Create your style profile  
Fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire about your style.
You can even link it up to a specific pinterest board.

Get five hand picked items
You can even specify what you want/don't want. (No jewelry, only dresses, etc) 

Keep what you like and send back the rest
Try on the items in the comfort of your own home.
Send back items in bag with pre-paid shipping.

Comes with styling tips
Each piece comes with styling tips,
how to dress it up or dress it down

Ok, so how much does this cost?

$20 Styling fee
Use this towards the cost of your final order

Get 25% off
If you keep all 5 items, they give you 25% off your purchase

Average price
They state on their average price per items is $65, 
that being said half of my items were under $50.

Ok guys, ready to see what I got?

How fun is this packaging?

Everything inside the box is just so fun!  

Black skinny jeans $78. Seriously the SOFTEST most amazing
jeans, I've ever tried on. DEFINITELY keeping.
Light Grey Fold-over Cowl neck knit top $48.
Very comfy, and I can dress it up for down pretty easy,

Looks cuter with a long necklace
Striped Tiered top $68. This is definitely different for me,
but it was super nice quality and Justin really liked it.
I don't love v-neck things, but this was the PERFECT amount
of V-neck for me, not too deep

Burgundy Webbed infinity scarf $38. I typically don't
really love infinity scarves, but I really like it with this shirt.
I'll have to try it on with other things to see if I'll keep it.
Striped Dolman top $48. When I opened the box and this was on top,
I was kind of bummed. It's not my favorite color and looked
strange in the box, BUT it looks much better on.  I don't love the wideness
of it, but I do love the sleeve length and its comfort.
Here are my styling cards for each piece.

I really was surprised I liked so much in my fix.  I was prepared to not like much, but who cares. It's fun to get clothes shipped to you and have a "personal stylist". I honestly didn't think I would like it all! So now the difficult part.  Deciding what to send back.  Thankfully I have $80 in stitch fix credit from Christmas and from referrals.  Plus my $20 I paid for my box.  Oh yeah, referral credit!  They are super awesome.  If a friend signs up under your personalized link, you get $25 when their first box ships!  So if you want to try it out, I wouldn't mind you signing up from any of the links in this post!

So what do you think about all the pieces in my fix? Which ones are your favorite? Which ones are your least favorite?  Do you think you'll try it out? I really wanna know what you think!

*Update, I noticed a small ink stain on one of my favorite pieces.  And Stitch Fix had great customer service.  They were in contact with me all day long to try and resolve it.  When the piece the shipped was out of stock, they ended up giving me some credit in my account.  Everyone was so great to me!


  1. So fun! I wish they could ship outside of the U.S.... you got some great picks!

    1. Thanks Chrysti! Maybe eventually they will and you can enjoy it too :) Or you could schedule a fix to be delivered the next time you are state side :)


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