Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Love Story...Part 6

The last segment of our story was Justin proposing and me of course saying "yes". The whole engagement for us was a crazy but fun whirlwind. I really enjoyed being engaged. It was fun to plan the wedding yes, but I couldn't wait to be Justin's wife.  We WANTED pre-marital counseling, but really couldn't find it anywhere, which was a bummer.  We had a very short and nearly useless class at the church that married us, but we wanted something a little more.

Looking back it is amazing to see all the things that God provided for us. I was working about 8 hrs/week and in nursing school. Justin was finishing up college and working part-time. Some how we pulled a wedding together an paid for a lot of it by ourselves. My parents were awesome helped a TON and his parents blew us away and gave us a honeymoon of our dreams!  But looking back we have often wondered how the heck we paid for a photographer, wedding dress, invitations, decorations, gifts, AND 2 months rent for our apartment on virtually no income. That's another reason why I love my engagement ring. Seeing it on my finger is a constant reminder of how his timing is perfect and he will always provide a way for his plans. Well some how it happened and we began our life together on May 20th, 2006.

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