Friday, September 30, 2011

How He love us!

Being a mommy sometimes is exhausting. Its wonderful, amazing, joyful, but exhausting. I hear "mommy pick you up" all day long. And while I do love to snuggle my little girl, I would like to do just 1 task without hearing that :) I do remember this time with her is fleeting, so I'll stop doing the dishes (sometimes) to give a hug, color for the 300th time a picture of Daddy, or watch a few minutes of a show "gether" (that's together in Inara language).  But sometimes I simply can't because I'm cooking, or on the phone with a friend/work. I think its good for Inara to hear "no" sometimes and learn that while I love her SO SO very much, she is not the center of my world. But how do you teach a 2 year old that? No seriously...that was not rhetorical...I need help people! :)

But while she was in alone time in her room, I stole away to the other side of the house and put on some music. I instantly went to David Crowder Band's "How He Loves Us"...divine intervention for sure! Just thinking about how much Inara wants/needs me. That's why its exhausting.  She literally needs me every waking moment. Even if I'm not holding her, she needs my supervision, correction, teaching, discipline, and tickles :)

But what really struck me when listening to the song, is that God is a parent. He has millions of precious children on earth who need him...and he hears every prayer, sees every tear, knows every heart. WOW. How big.awesome.amazing.  He hears ALL of his children's cries all day and night long for their Father. He never gets weary of us, never needs a break, never needs help. While he hears (and answers) our cries for help, He also is holding the world in his the ENTIRE universe. perfectly. dang. Its hard to take in how amazing that is. And to think that awesome power is dwelling in my heart. I can pray to the Father for help, He hears me because of the perfect sacrifice of His son Jesus, and gives me the Holy Spirit to help me change.

Here is the kicker...I deserve Hell, but I get Heaven, grace, mercy, peace. I don't deserve one good thing, but I get the best thing ever: Christ in me...the hope of glory. Ah..sweet grace. I could go on, but I wont. I'll stop and go worship Jesus for being Him. You should do the same thing.

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