Monday, October 3, 2011

Wishful thinking

Inara has been asking to go to the pool and play with the hose for the past week. She definitely is my daughter! I love the warm weather and have already been so sad with the cold air that has come :( So today it was sunny and warmish. She asked to go to the pool. While I wasn't going to fill up her baby pool with our ice cold water from the hose, I figured we could improvise and let her play with some water. This is how it went :)

Playing with her little bowl of water and calling it a pool

An idea!

Yes! It IS a pool!

A very small pool :)

 How funny is that?! I was cracking up laughing. She then realized if she took off her little shoes she would have more room. So she took them off then climbed back in her pool :) We are going to Florida in less than a month and after this week, I'm sure she will love the beach and warm weather....and so will I

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