Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bible time

So I have wanted to incorporate some sort of bible time into our morning schedule. I had heard of dramatized bibles for little kiddos but everything I found was not really what I was looking for and really expensive. So once again I started looking around the internet and pinterest and found some good ideas. I have kind of put them all together to make something that I think will be best for Inara.

A friend of mine told me about seedsfamilyworship. Their website has downloadable memory cards and they also have videos on youtube of bible verses with music. Inara was interested for a few minutes but then just wanted to look at pictures on the computer because we do that a lot. I think after a while it will hold her attention more.

A few months ago our church did a sermon series on parenting. One of the pastors talked about a bible that was dramatized and his kiddos really liked it. I finally asked him what it was, looked it up, and its awesome. Best part...its free to download or just stream from your computer. You can find it here.

I also found a website wth free printable coloring sheets for bible stories. They have old testament, new testament, and other types of stuff too. Inara really liked the coloring sheet. We came back to it and colored multiple times on yesterday and talked about the verse that goes with it. Sure I spent a lot of time coloring pictures of "daddy" and different types of shapes, but we also talked about the verse and what we learned every time. And after our 3rd coloring session she remembered the point!

I am excited to utilize these 3 things in order to help guide me in teaching Inara not only about shapes and colors, but about Christ too!

I have also heard great things about the Jesus Storybook Bible, but it seems a little wordy for a 2 year old. At least I doubt MY nearly 2 year old (sniff sniff), can sit still that long.

Is there a website/bible/tool you find helpful for little ones?


  1. Get that Jesus Storybook Bible!!! You'll love it as much (or more) than Inara will. They did a really good job putting it together. It may not be perfect for middle of the day playtime but at least if you all read before bed? It's so sweet. The Poston's almost 2 year old goes and gets his off the shelf just to "read" on his own - precious!!

  2. I've heard its great! I just need to get it. You're right, its probably a good "read before bed and calm down" type of book


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