Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What to do with a toddler?

So with the cold and rainy weather, Inara and I have been going crazy stuck inside. And I know it will only get worse as the weather gets cooler. We were previously going to the zoo at least once a week but that will definitely not be happening as much. So I figured I would do some searching around the ole internet and pinterest to find some tips on what to do with Inara. I was so excited to find LOTS of things. Learning activities, fun stuff to do, and how to incorporate learning about Christ in our everyday activity.  Today I'm going to post about just 1, but keep checking back as I'll have more simple, fun, and (most importantly) CHEAP stuff to do with my little one :)

First up...sorting beans :) but in our case I forgot to buy some dry beans, so we played with rice. I just plopped her down in the middle of the floor put some rice in a tuperware dish, gave her a spoon, cup, bowl, and let her go to town! I was kind of stressed out the whole time because there was rice...umm EVERYWHERE. I had to remind my self that it wasn't the end of the world to spend 2 minutes sweeping up rice afterwards. It was fun and managed to snap some photos too :)

My little helper


  1. Love this! I had Kali doing the same thing but with macaroni because I didn't have any beans either!

  2. Good idea! I used that today...way less mess :)


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