Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken Rodeo

Yeah, you read that right. Saturday Justin and I went to a chicken rodeo at our local library. We honestly had no idea what to expect. Fun and hilarity ensued.

Start behind the orange cones...

"shew" chicken to other side of field

Inara didn't like it too much

I did most of the "shooing"

But she was still rewarded for my her efforts with a sucker
Oh...the sucker. We became "that family" once we got inside. Inara was REALLY loving her sucker... it was her first one she had ever had. Problem was she also REALLY wanted to play with the trains and we REALLY didn't want her to get the trains all slobbery and sticky. So we tried to explain she couldn't do both. But what's that saying... you can't reason with a toddler...yeah. Screaming, kicking, and flailing ended our chicken rodeo time. Well you live and you learn :)

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