Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Love Story...Part 4

We left off after Justin and I had been dating nearly a year. I went on vacation with his family and knew I was in love.  I had previously given Justin some "rules" on saying "I love you" and on kissing. Well after our vacation together I had a change of heart :) I told him I would be ok with hearing "I love you".  So we exchanged "I love yous". It was so nice to say it out loud instead of "I really REALLY like you" or "being around you is the best".  Those don't quite do the trick when you want to scream from the roof top your love for someone else.

It only took a few months longer and I changed my mind again. I decided we could kiss. So I told him, and he gave me the most sweetest, purest kiss I had ever had. There was a major snow storm in the city. So Justin loaded me up that night and we went walking around downtown in the snow. We went to Garfield park and just walked around. Then he told me to close my eyes. When I opened he had written in the snow "May I kiss you?" SO SWEET. Of course I said yes (more like "heck yes" in my head) and we kissed. So sweet and innocent and perfect as the snow was falling all around us :)

The night of our first kiss!

We continued to grow closer together and then in May of 2005 I decided to go on Summer Staff at a YoungLife Camp in Virginia. It was really spur of the moment and I felt like the Lord was asking me to leave everything and serve Him with my whole heart for the month I was there. So I decided I would not talk to anyone (family, leader team, or Justin) while I was away. (I know right, I set up awesome rules for myself!)  That month was super crazy. I seriously didn't stop from the time I woke up until I passed out in my bed. I mastered the 3 minute shower and prayed lots for my ministry and Justin.  I also met this awesome girl Libby. (You NEED to read her blog from the beginning. It will impact you...for real.)  At the end of the month I was SO excited to finally see Justin. He drove all the way to pick me up and I we were able to reconnect. I REALLY missed him.

 That Summer his parents took us to Disney (AMAZING) and  we spent some time talking about the future of our relationship. We knew we wanted it to end in marriage...

Because who can resist a Tiara and fairy wings at Disney?

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