Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sandusky 2011

Last weekend we went up to Sandusky Ohio with my family. It was super fun! There were 10 of us total and it was a blast. I booked our hotel so our rooms were all in a row and 2 of the rooms connected, for some extra fun times.

Inara had SUCH a good time! She loves her cousins and "Becky-Ben" so much. She would get so excited and squeal nearly every time we saw them. One time they pulled up at a park and she said "YAY! High five." It was cute :)

On Saturday we went to Kalahari Resort.! We only went to the Safari Adventure (that's right, it has a safari IN the resort), but we are already planning to go back and stay there next time!

Inara petting a Kangaroo

Feeding the goats

Birds with Dad

 Birds with Mom

Skipping naps + going to bed late = a lot of yawns

It took forever, but we finally found a beach where the kiddos could play.  We later found out has some dangerous bacteria in it, awesome right?


 Sunday we went to Cedar Point. She rode the carousel a few times...

And this ride with her cousin Elise

And this airplane ride. She loved it SO much that she cried every time it ended and said "again, again"... it was super cute and fun.

Here is Inara on the ride home recapping our weekend for us. And don't judge me for having her forward facing before 2! We LITERALLY couldn't tighten her straps safely rear facing :)

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