Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'll never do that!

I remember before we had kids, Justin and I both said we never wanted to homeschool. It was fine for all the other people who want to, but not us. "I'll never, ever, ever, EVER homeschool". Meanwhile, God was all like "Mmmhmm"

And obviously, never say never. Because we will definitely be homeschooling next year. It is crazy how God put together His plan for our family. A few months ago Justin and I were thinking about what we would do with Inara next year. She is pretty smart for her age and based on a bunch of different kindergarten assessments I found, she already knew most of the stuff they teach in kindergarten. Plus it is only half a day in our area, and since I work a couple days a week, how would she get from school to wherever Shepherd would be?
We really were struggling with it, and then I asked Justin if he had prayed about it. He said "No" and neither had I. So we decided to take 2 weeks and pray and ask God for wisdom and to show us His plan for our family. I really wanted to know if we were going to homeschool for a long time, or not. But God showed me, that I was wanting something from God that he doesn't promise. He doesn't promise our life will be one way forever. He DOES promise he will be with us wherever we go and he'll never leave us.

Literally the next day, my friend Jordan messaged me and asked if we knew of anyone who would need childcare in the fall. I told her might, depending on whether we homeschool or not. She is a first grade teacher and said she would love to help us homeschool! We discussed a few details and it was really a no brainer! We are excited to employ a friend and help her stay home with her son. And since she is a first grade teacher, she'll be able to help us know what Inara needs to work on to be ready for first grade.

We will be trying out Classical Conversations this year. I am nervous and excited. Even last week, I kind of freaked out and was like "Oh my gosh. What was I thinking?! I can't do this!" But I am so thankful that God gave us such peace that we will be doing it for this year, and just taking one year at a time.


  1. Oh wow this is so exciting. We almost homeschooled Zion for Kindergarten/1st grade. He reminds me A LOT of Inara as far as intellect and how he processes things. I know about Classical Conversations through friends and you will love it! Good for you, for being open and seeking the Lord. I'm sure it will be rewarding year.

    1. I always think about how they seem so similar! So it is really encouraging to me to see how awesome he does in public school. I'm learning there is no "right" way, just "right" for now. :)


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