Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Date

10 years ago, Justin picked me up for our first date.  We walked around downtown on New Year's Day.  It wasn't too cold, which is good because I probably would have ruined the date with my complaining.  But I do remember thinking a couple of times when our hands brushed each other, "It wish he would hold my hand." :)  But he didn't.  We just walked around the city together (not holding hands) and talked.  It was really fun and simple.  Then we were hungry and I was pretty excited when he took me to Taco Bell for dinner :)  For real. I loved Taco Bell, and I was glad he didn't take me to some fancy restaurant.  You have to remember I was poor and in college and survived on ramen noodles and the free soup and cornbread from the restaurant I worked at.  So really, anything better than ramen, was a step up for me.  And I mean, who doesn't love a good taco :)

I think at the time, the Taco Bell we went to didn't even accept credit cards (Hello early 2000's), so he may have even swung by the bank to take out some cash.  Even though it wasn't expensive, I was wondering if he was going to pay.  He passed the test and bought our dinner.  I even got a Mt. Dew!

Our first "nice date" was about a month later with some friends of ours.  It was a double date to Carabbas and probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.  I was so nervous, because like I mentioned in the last post, being around him made me a hot mess.  So I'm reading the menu out-loud (seriously, why did he like me), and I get to the Filet Mignon.  But I totally mess up pronunciation ("Fil-eet mig-non"). It's one of those slow motion ones, where you can't fix what you said, but you can't stop from totally botching it up either.  I turned bright red and wanted to die.  Thankfully, Justin wanted to continue seeing me :) I'm glad he did.

Today we celebrate our 10 year anniversary of our first date.  Justin is working hard for our family and I'm blessed to be home with our kiddos.  We had an in home date last night. I love that man so much.  I'm thankful some Taco Bell and the hope of hand holding marked the beginning of our lives together.  We still love Taco Bell, and still love it when our fingers are intertwined in each others.  Here's to 10 more years babe!

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  1. LOVE, love, love this. My heart was actually fluttering when you talked about your hands brushing. So sweet. Falling in love is wonderful, staying in love and committing through thick and thin is even better!


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