Saturday, December 28, 2013

10 years ago

10 years ago today sat nervously and sweaty through a sermon at church and I couldn't recall one single word from the service.  Right before I left for church with a big group a friends, this guy pulled me aside and told me he wanted me to talk to me after church.  So naturally I freaked out the entire time I was at church. Did he hear that I liked him?  Did he like me too?  Or was he going to let me down gently? I need to know what is going to happen?!

After church was over, this guy made me wait the entire drive home, to bring it up.  I mean didn't he know I was dying inside.  So we get to my house and he tells me he likes me and wants to pursue a relationship with me.  I don't remember if we talked about anything else, or even if he left right away. I just remember being so excited, and nervous, and sweaty.

I had never been boy crazy or like this with any other guy.  Sweaty when he came around, stumbling on my words, so nervous.  But then again, this boy was different.  I had heard he liked me, but I wasn't interested. I did like hanging around him. He was fun.  But I didn't want to lead him on.  So I prayed a few times that God change my heart to like him so we can hang still, or God to change his heart and not like me anymore so we could hang out still.  God answered my prayers and I become a nervous, giggling wreck when he entered the room.  It wasn't was embarrassing!

December 28th, 2003 I started dating Justin Duke, or "Duke" as everyone called him.  Our first date wasn't until a few days later, and it was really perfect :)  I'm so thankful God changed my heart and not Justin's.  We've had so many great memories together and have grown-up in the Lord together too.  I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings.

And what is a walk down memory lane with out a few pics?

We were so weird right from the start.
We asked a stranger to take this picture of us at the park on our way to a wedding.

Yes, I am wearing a choker :)

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  1. Choker! Yeah! Isn't it crazy how guys can't keep any weight on at that age? My husband was scrawny in 2000 too. LOL!


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