Friday, December 27, 2013

11 month

 Favorite moments:  Snuggling him during his last bottle of the night
Least favorite moment: Screaming to get our attention
Milestones: Cruising, up on hands and knees crawling. Recognizing certain words (duck, book, mawmaw and pawpaw, no, ball)
Likes: eating (eats everything and has to eat when everyone else is), being held (still), his blankie, rolling in big blankets, Inara, Mawmaw and Pawpaw, alone time in his crib, 
Dislikes: Waiting for his food, being on the other side of the baby gate, being told "No".

  1. Of course, no photo shoot is complete without a big sister photobomb
Trying to escape

"C'mon Mom!"

Trying to roll away
Wow, I seriously can believe my baby is almost a year! He's so sweet and cuddly, but wowee, he has a temper. He's starting to learn what "no" means and does not like to hear it.  He's holding his bottle by himself all the time and still prefers the bottle over the sippy cup. He likes to bang the sippy cup (and everything else) more than drink from it.  He cruises around, but really has not interest in walking yet.  He is in to EVERYTHING and Inara frequently calls him "Wreck-it Shepherd".  She so sweet to him, but is starting to get a little annoyed by his craziness.  Even still, she loves him so much.  I just love this little dude so much!

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