Friday, October 4, 2013

Where is my influence?

So the conference is hosted by The Influence Network and their tag line is "Make your online life mean something.". So I was really excited to be encouraged in that way. What I wasn't expecting was to walk away feeling rejuvenated as a wife and Mom. There wasn't a specific talk or phrase that made me feel this way,  but I do think I left changed. 

I don't blog because the influence I have in my home isn't enough, I blog for us.  But I do have to admit, sometimes its nice to have the instant gratification of a "like" on facebook, or a comment on my page.  And well the rest of life isn't like that.  When I clean up the living room for the fourth time (seriously that happened this week), Inara is thanking me for making a meaningful impact on her life.  But while I was there, over and over, I just kept thinking "You know, the place I have the biggest influence in my life is at home".  I think sometimes its hard for moms/wives/women, to realize that.  My attitude sets the tone in the home.  When  I know where my hope is, I can clean up for the 4th time with joy.  Ask my daughter to get self-control and stop crying, in love.  Try one more time, to make an edible dinner because that's what my husband wants.  When I change my mindset, these things become blessings not hindrances to my agenda.

My biggest influence is in my home whether I want it to be or not.  The next question is, am I squandering it?  I do, sometimes. I can't say I left the weekend excited to return to stinky diapers, sticky floors, and crumby carpets.  But I was excited to return to the family who helps me make the messes.  I love that family.  I want to make my time with them matter.  I think I'll start partaking in analog weekend to help me get there.

Where do you think your biggest influence is?


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    1. Still learning this! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree. Home definitely a place where we have the greatest opportunity to influence yet so many of us search outside of it. Love this :)

    1. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks for stopping by!


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