Saturday, October 5, 2013

I have a great BFF

So if you guys have been around here for a little while, you know that I am a grown adult and I have a BFF.  For real, she's amazing and my life would definitely suffer without our friendship.  While I was at the conference, I heard over and over from lots of women about the amazing community they experienced through their blog.  At first, I just kept thinking, "I guess I'm missing something". I mean I have a few bloggers who I really love.  I am thankful for their wisdom and comment from time to time (more on blog comments on a later post), but I don't feel connected to them.

But the more I started really digging in to my heart and listening to people, I realized something.  "I have a sister I am already connected to In Real Life (IRL)".  I am so very happy for the women that I met that have found those connections on line with other women.  I am beyond thankful they have their people to bounce things off of, rejoice with, and sorrow with.  My people just happen to be located in my physical location.

Please don't think I think my friendship is better than anyone else's, its just different.  That's ok. That's good!  God provided these women to have those real, deep, wonderful friendships, just in a different way.  How cool is it to see God use the internet for good.  I think its pretty cool.  Being there just made me thankful how God used someone here in Kentucky to make such a big impact.  I was so thankful for our friendship. How it started (15 years ago), how it evolved, and how he made it even better.  So thankful for my sister, Katie. *More awesomeness on her here*

So the question is, do you have deep real friendships? If not, they are worth seeking out and finding.

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