Sunday, October 6, 2013

I love marriage and husbands

*If you're new here, I'm blogging 31 days of things I learned at the Influence Conference just a few weeks ago. I hope you'll stick around for the rest*

So, you might think "Oh, you mean that you love your marriage and your husband".  No, that's not what I mean.  Well, I mean, yes. I do love Justin and our marriage, but being at the conference I realized how much I just love God's design for marriage.  And how husbands are good.  Most of the core team had their husbands there.  They loved their wives.  They were doing A/V stuff, rocking babies, wearing babies, and even did a man panel for one of the sessions.  Seeing their love for their wives was super awesome.

Marriage is good.  Society doesn't tell us that it is good.  Sometimes its hard and doesn't feel good.  But God says its good.  It is to represent him and his love for his people.  Our earthly marriages screw that up sometimes, but that doesn't mean it wasn't created to be good.  Good for us and good for others.

I love husbands.  I love how God created men to love their wives sacrificially and passionately.  I love how they are created to be the head of the family.  It is good for wives to submit to their husbands. (More on this later).

I left excited to come back and do life along side my husband. To be in a marriage.  Yeah, it is messy and we both have junk to deal with.  But it is good.  It's not good because we are good. It's good because God is good. And he gave marriage to us as a gift.  And husbands as a gift.

And even as I write this I think "Oh, I don't know. What about people who want to be married and aren't?  Or my friends with an unsaved spouse? Is this post insensitive to them?".  I'm trying not to be.  Because I am not saying MY marriage is good and perfect, but rather God's design for marriage is good...and I like God's design.  And I think that is ok for me to say, "I like God's design for marriage".

If you are single, you have a bridegroom who treasures you.  He'll NEVER hurt you, NEVER leave you, NEVER forsake you.  But I know being single is hard.  I'm praying (for real) for you sweet friends, that God would bless you with a Godly spouse. And in the meantime give you more and more grace and mercy and a deeper passion for Him.

If you have an unbelieving spouse, I'm praying for you too.  Praying you will be a light in a dark place.  Praying for God to show you his goodness, and for you to fall deeper and deeper in love with your spouse. Praying for God to bring your spouse to repentance.


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  1. I agree. This really is good stuff. Our society does NOT value marriage or husbands and what you are saying is a truth that is so important to me!


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