Thursday, October 3, 2013

The one where we didn't fight

So if you have been around us, you probably know that our house is like The Money Pit.  Seriously...everything we around our house cannot be done simply. It takes 10 extra steps to correct the crazy stuff the previous homeowners did.  So anyway, when we first bought our house we had only been married a year. And guys, we could not do one single thing together without bickering.  We just worked sooo differently.  We would always end up frustrated at the house and then at each other.

But today, seven years into our marriage, we did something...together...happily!  And it didn't take a billion extra steps either!  I know this might not be a big deal, but is so is to us! Justin even told me I needed to blog about it because this is important :)  Yes, it took us seven years to learn how to work together effectively on our house, but guys... we did it today! :)  We won! It's all very exciting around here  :)

So the project started when someone offered a free chandelier.  The one on our dining room is AWFUL.  I do no exaggerate.  It was, and had plastic and glass crystals hanging from it.  But the plastic ones were so discolored from the previous owners smoking that I just tossed them.  So then our chandelier was just half done....for 6 years!  So we took it down, only to realize we actually liked the dining room without something hanging down. So we went to Home Depot and bought a new light fixture that is semi-flush. I can't believe we waited this long to fix it!

Not a great picture, but this is the finished product!
We love it!

Is there an area where its hard for you to work together with your spouse? How did you overcome this?

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  1. Aw, I am so happy for you guys. I totally understand, about the fighting and having some ugly half done thing in your house for years (been there done that!). I feel like my marriage is better than it's ever been and I give all the glory to God for that, believe me. I love your new light fixture.


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