Thursday, October 3, 2013

I am a blogger

Like I had mentioned before I was a tiny fish in a big pond at the conference.  On the way to the conference I rode with some friends.  I had mentioned I don't really blog about anything and that I wasn't really a blogger.  I was told that I wasn't allowed to say that, because I am a blogger and people are encouraged by what I write.  Throughout the weekend, I talked to a lot of other bloggers and listened to many speakers.  The resounding answer was "Yes!", I am a blogger.  Just because my blog doesn't have 3,000 followers and ton of unique visitors daily, doesn't mean I am not a blogger.  I am a blogger because I write the things, and people read the things.  I would find my self introducing my self to people like this "Hi, I'm Lauren.  I blog, but it's not really a big blog or anything".  It was like I had to qualify my blog.  But no one else expected that of me and a few people said "Oh, that doesn't matter you're a blogger!".  So this is how I ended up introducing myself over the weekend: "Hi, I'm Lauren. I have a lifestyle blog. I write about God's faithfulness in the hard times of life." So here is my coming out party, blog world :)

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