Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Being a Follower

Through hearing some of my new friends talk and some of the speakers, I kind of realized I am a bad blog follower.  I rarely comment on blogs.  I think I rarely do because I think "Eh, they have so many followers, they probably don't care what 1 more person thinks".  But that's totally not true.  People who blog, put their hearts out for the whole world to see, and it can be hard when all they hear is silence.  I take and consume from the blogs I follow.  (I love Amanda and Kat for the record). I take away encouragement, biblical truth, hard teaching, and fun...but rarely do I give anything back.  I rarely thank them for the truth that gave me courage to parent one more day.  I never give them encouragement back.  Bloggers are people too. And I felt convicted for just being a consumer of their product without giving anything back.  So I've been a better "follower" since I came back. Commenting on IG, their blog, and *gasp* even sending THEM encouragement.  Bloggers are people too. People who need Jesus. People who wonder if they are liked. People who need encouragement too.

It's actually be really great.  I mentioned before about how I didn't feel connected to the blogs I follow and how I was ok with that because I have friendships IRL that feed and nourish me, and that I get to serve.  However, it's been great to make some new friends in the Lord, and to not just take, take, take from these women I look up to.

So here's my challenge to you.  Do you follow any bloggers that you consume their product but don't participate?  Why don't you comment on something this week.  What if you prayed for them?  Let me know how it goes!


  1. That sounds like a great idea. I have been trying to do that too. You are doing great on your 31 days by the way. I have had a hard time keeping up. Right now I am one day behind : /

    1. It is REALLY hard to keep up. I actually just decided I'm going to blog everyday until I leave for vacation. I decided I don't want to blog on vacation :)


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