Wednesday, October 9, 2013

8 months

Favorite moments: Watching him giggle every time Inara walks in the room
Least favorite moments: The "witching hour"
Milestones: full on crawling, eating some real food, said first word "Dada".
Likes: eating, being held, Inara, being upside down
Dislikes: when I take the food away, being put down

 Just typing the title of this  post about sent me over the edge. Guys, I just can't believe that my baby, is 8 months old.  Its exciting and heart breaking all at the same time.  When I really think about how Shepherd was unexpected and then the unknowns if I would stay pregnant, or if that medicine I took would have messed him all up...I can hardly believe my little miracle boy.  So know I have 2 miracle babies.  The miraculously healthy surprise delivery. And the miraculously alive surprise boy. He's the sweetest, happiest baby. I can't get enough of kissing his neck. Its a good thing he loves it :)

He also loves food. He drinks from a pretty slow flow nipple still and I think it's because he likes to savor every drink :) He eats pretty much anything, but if he sees us eating real food he won't eat anymore of the baby food, he wants the real stuff!

He's so sweet and cuddly, but he has a temper! He gets real angry, real quick. True to his middle name "Justin", I've been praying God will grow him to be angry at sin.  Praying he will seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord.


  1. AHHH, I can relate. It is so wonderful, but so hard! I love how he is holding his number 8! What a sweet heart.

    1. Oh that's hilarious, I guess its sort of an optical illusion because that's really a sticker on his shirt. He just has his hands clinched in the air, but it DOES look like he's hold it :)


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