Monday, September 16, 2013

When I want to complain...

I just got off the phone with my insurance company and a health care provider...and well lets just say it didn't go well.  My first instinct was to go straight to Facebook and complain.  But wait. God says do everything without complaining or arguing... So, how about this. I won't complain, I'll just inform people of this frustration.  That's how it works right? :)  I had it all typed out and ready to go. It was short, to the point, and made sure everyone knew how I had been wronged.  But before I could hit submit, God got to me.  "Is this going to ruin you're day? Am I that small to you? It's frustrating to you, but what a 'first world problem' this is.  How will you respond? In obedience and thankfulness? Or is bitterness and anger?"

Ugh, I'm a mess people!  Even now, I'm upset because this is just one more bill to add to the pile and it just seems like it never ends in the Duke house.  Cars break, our house needs work, our people need medical/dental work.  Its funny how God is using this one circumstance to really get to the heart of the issue...which is this.  I think I deserve for things to go smoothly for me.  I feel like I've paid my dues and when is it going to be my turn for stuff to go the right way.


Seeing how I feel in words is really disgusting.  The truth is, I do deserve stuff. I deserve death, and hell, and pain, and unhappiness for the rest of my earthly life and eternity.  But God is so good to me. He gives me Heaven. joy. the Holy Spirit. Himself.  And he's such a great Dad he gives me even more. Great husband. Kiddos that have changed my life. A church family that's amazing.  A job that is pretty awesome too.

So today, I'll choose to obey and be thankful. I'll think of what is true. noble. right. pure. lovely. excellent. praiseworthy.

Thank you Jesus, for not letting me get away with my sin. Thank you for disciplining me because you love me. I am yours. Amen


  1. Good job girl! Way to obey even when you don't "feel" like it!

  2. Thanks for sharing that - I needed that today too. I was having one of those "it should go easy on me" days today.... :O But now I"m thankful that God uses sisters in Christ to speak truth to me even when they don't know it - when I've all but put my hands over my ears to hear my own voice not the Lord's.
    God bless you dear friend. You are an encouragement to me! :)

    1. Its funny because I actually wrote this last week but forgot to publish it. I am thankful God used my forgetfulness to encourage you today! :)


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