Thursday, August 8, 2013

When God helps you fast

So about a week ago, I posted how I would be unplugging from social media for "a while".  Guys, its been kind of hard.  I'm in such a habit of picking up my phone to check on this or that, or just waste the time.  I think because I'm so extroverted, I really want to know what's going on with people and stay "connected". This is probably especially true since Justin's new job.  So anyway, its been kind of hard.

Well, God has seen fit to help me out in this area by totally crippling my phone :)  Not only did it totally reset itself and delete EVERYTHING on it, it also will not successfully run ANY apps.  This is what I can do with it. Call, text, look at my calendar, and (sometimes check my email). I can't even open up my camera app!  I am not illegible for an upgrade until September 1st, so it looks like that's at least how long I'll be unplugging.  While it is frustrating its actually kind of sweet of God to look after me and help me do something I was having trouble doing on my own :)

Like I said before, I'll still be blogging and I'll post them on Facebook, but I guess I'll be away from Facebook/instagram for a while.

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