Thursday, August 1, 2013


Recently I found this gem of a blog post by Momastery: "Quit Pointing Your Avacado At Me". ( the link and read it first). I'll wait.

So anyway, after I read that I realized it was so TRUE.  Each blog I read about Baby Led Weaning, cloth diapers, organic foods, natural products,or crossfit all seemed to be AT ME.  I feel like a failure.  All these organizing tips are AT ME and my house is messy.  Dirty Dozen lists are pointing AT ME, and we eat McDonalds almost every time before I go to the grocery.  Exercise plans are running AT ME and I can barely muster the energy to get through the day.  All these great things, tips, tutorials ect. are done AT ME.  That's how I feel at least.  And I think I finally know why I don't take this information with a grain of salt and do what I can, while giving God the glory....God isn't in my equation.

I feel like a bad mom because I can't be perfect.  I am viewing myself in light of all these seemingly perfect ideas, instead of seeing myself for how God sees me.  But its hard guys.  When I read people talking about the poison of fast food, the dangers of non-organic foods, and obesity epidemics.  As I eat Ramen Noodles and jarred non-organic peaches (gasp!) for lunch, I can't help but to feel judged by all these people.  Obviously I need to change my focus.   I need to focus on what should be my god...God. I need to know what and who I truly am: a sinner in need of a savior. forgiven. justified. sung over. delighted in. created for a purpose. predestined. loved. cherished.

I need to unplug.  If I need to run to my laundry room to steal away 2 minutes with God, then I can and need to stop taking the 30 seconds to instagram a picture..oh but then I spend 2 minutes checking all the other pictures.  I know the problem isn't social media, but rather my use of it.  My brain needs to spend those 30 seconds doing more important things.

So I've deleted the apps from my phone, logged off on my computers, and am hoping for some bursts of Christ throughout the day instead of bursts of useless knowledge. no offense.  I mean I love the 900th picture first time moms take of their babies, and cute date night pics, and hilarious kid quotes...but I don't need 'em. Right now I need Jesus.  I'm not sure when I'll be back.  I plan on blogging still which will be posted to my facebook page, but I'm peacing out for a while.  Wanna join me? :) This Francesca Battistelli song is kind of my motto right now:

For awhile I am going to fix my eyes on Christ (Hebrews 12:2) as everything else fades away. I'm praying this will produce wonderful fruit in my life.

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