Thursday, August 29, 2013

Social media break: Update

So remember when I said I was going to take a break from social media? Well it's been about a month and I figure I would let you know how its been going.  It's actually be pretty hard.  I'm just really really extroverted.  And since this stage of life doesn't allow for much conversations with other adults besides Justin, I found my self needing to get on to see how so-and-so is doing.  Or wanting to see baby pics of whats-her-face.   I would log in, to respond to someones facebook message (which is annoying BTW, why can't we all just email each other?!). I digress. I would log in, respond to a message, and then find my self scrolling through the news feed. I would see someone needed some baby clothes (great, I have some to give away), or needed a baby-sitter (sweet, I'm available).  But I wouldn't respond because I wasn't supposed to even be on facebook!

But it was during those moments when I knew God was trying to get my attention. 'Why do you think you need to see other's lives to feel connected?  I am the God of the universe. I created you in my image.  I love you. Come, be with me.' I would try to justify getting on... "but _____ needs something. I have to help".  But each time, God would show me my responsibility is not to my 400+ friends on facebook.  No offense, guys :)  My first responsibility to to Christ, then Justin, then my kids, then everyone/everything else.  It wasn't bad for me to see a friend in need and help them, but God was showing me there was plenty to do in my own home!

It also made me think about what I post on social media.  Is it bragging about my life? Or sharing with others who are interested.  I do both.

I realized during this month I also took waaaayyyy less pictures of my kids/life.  I started thinking about it.  Is it because I'm not "showing" off my kids now, so who cares? But didn't think that's what it was.  Pictures (and moments in life) are meant to be shared.  And if I'm not sharing them, then why take them.

This are a few things I found I did do, while I was away from social media:

-Blog. Since I'm not carousing my newsfeed or instagram photos of some famous blogger, I have more time to capture moments in my own life. I like that

-Play.  I had much more time to play with Inara and snuggle Shepherd because I wasn't looking at "just one more" article/picture/post/video.

-Clean.  I had time to organize toys which helped with the clutter. But all around my house seems cleaner (read... at least its not a disaster now).

-Be productive. My phone was constantly buzzing with someone "commenting" on my post, or on my picture, or a post I commented on.  Thanks to google re-organizing my email (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and the lack of "alerts" from social apps, I felt so much more peaceful and productive.  I am totally a freak. So when my phone would ding, I HAD to check it!  Since my phone has been silent, I'm not constantly interrupted a few seconds here and there (which really add up during the day) and I can be more productive and focused.

So with all of that being said, here is my plan going forward:

-Install Instagram on my phone. I like sharing pictures and seeing cute babies. I only follow a few people. So its not so "demanding".
-Keep facebook off phone. I'm getting a new phone in a few weeks. I'll re-evaluate then 
-Only get on Facebook when kiddos are sleeping and Justin is at work.  Really I have so many better things to be doing during the day.
-Think before each post. Why do I want to share this thought/idea/picture.  Is it to put myself on display and say "Look at me I'm great!", is it to put God on display, or is it simply just sharing a chubby leg roll of my baby. Because who doesn't love chubby babies?
-No social media-ing before I go to sleep. Guys, I've seriously been getting better sleep this month! My mind isn't going a million miles an hour.

So I'm pseudo-back :) Thankful for my month away.  What did you do this past month? Seriously! Did I miss any baby announcements/engagements/moving/new jobs?

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