Tuesday, August 27, 2013

30 Rock party

 Justin's birthday is Christmas Eve and ever since our first dating Anniversary (December 28th), I decided to celebrate his half birthday.  I was poor and in college, so scrounging up enough money for his birthday, Christmas, AND our anniversary seemed nigh impossible.  So yeah, his birthday is always celebrated June 24th instead.  This year Justin turns 30 and I REALLY wanted to do something special for.  So I decided to throw him a surprise 30th (half) birthday party. It was 30 Rock themed. I didn't go all out, but added some fun touches.  Most of the stuff was food related (and Justin's favorite foods) since Liz Lemon loves food. He almost didn't even make it because he was so tired, but he said he had a blast.

Thank you Etsy and Matt

Frank's "Sun Tea", Lemonade Out, and Blue Dude Juice

I had people write a favorite memory or something for him

Little Dude had a good time :)

Photo booth fun thanks to J Montibon Photography

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