Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Preschool Plans

In the Winter before Shepherd was born, I toured a preschool in the area.  We had some friends send their kids here, plus it was pretty close to our house.  I really liked the school.  It combined biblical principles with the rest of their curriculum.  Inara would start in the 3 year old class in the Fall, since her birthday is so late.  But I realized she already knew most of the things they were teaching in the 4 year old class.  That combined with the fact that it would be about $150/month for her to get social interaction made us decide to not send her to Preschool this year, but just do some stuff at home.  She is around other kids fairly often and we figured we could send her to a gymnastics or dance to get more exposure to following directions and more social interaction.

You may remember I had done some school here and there with Inara last year.  It got really tough towards the end of the fall because not only was I very pregnant, I also was having LOTS of doctors appointments.  I never felt like I should be doing more, but I did want to be more disciplined with our time together this Fall.  Inara is really excited for school and I thought she would be sad to not be "going" to preschool. But one day she told me she didn't ever want to go to school and wanted to stay with me forever :)  I'm sure she'll change her tune, but I didn't mind hearing my 3 year old tell me that!

I started collecting ideas via Pinterest (OH MY!  What did we ever do without you!) and I think I have a general idea of what we would like to do.  Just how she wouldn't go to Preschool out of the home everyday, I am not planning on doing it at home everyday.  This works great for us since I work 2-3x a week.  So I am planning on just doing it on my off days.  And I even have a first day of school on the calendar! EEK! I was afraid to post this because someone might actually hold me accountable to start this thing! :)  But I'll share my little plan with you.  We are using the K-4 Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  And our start date is August 27th...as in next week. Woah, people! That is soon. Hold onto your butts, this is gonna be a crazy time for us! :)

Our little school area

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