Monday, May 6, 2013

Can people with curly hair do "no-poo"?

I have always heard of the "no poo" method of cleansing your hair and I was sure I would never be able to do it with my wild and crazy curly hair.  I mean it just gets out of control and nasty greasy after just 1 day of not washing it.  So last year I stumbled upon a little book called "Curly Girl: The Method" that is a no poo method for curly hair. I was interested.  I found a few blogs that reviewed the book and the method and I figured I would give it a try.  I really was a amazed and surprised with the results.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but I wasn't too hopeful when I first gave it a try.

You can find more detailed information here and here. But this is the basics of it:

  1. Start with getting your hair trimmed
  2. Stop using shampoo
  3. Wash you scalp with conditioner
  4. Distribute conditioner throughout the rest of your hair
  5. De-tangle gently in shower using a wide tooth comb
  6. Rinse with cool water 
  7. Scrunch hair with t-shirt not a terry cloth towel
  8. Decrease drying time by "plopping"
  9. You may use shampoo occasionally but only with sulfate-free shampoo
  10. Give you hair time to adjust (2-6 weeks)
  11. Get hair trimmed every 4 -6 months
  12. Be sure to find a salon with sulfate free shampoo
So that's the basics of no-poo for curly hair.  I did change things up a little.  I never rinse with cool water. I despise being cold and the thought of finishing my shower by rinsing my hair with cool water sounds like a nightmare.  I also have not once "plopped".  I started just trying this method the no poo way before I fully committed. My results were so wonderful that I decided any extra work just wasn't necessary for me.  I do shampoo my hair occasionally (1-2x a month) and when I do I make sure I use a sulfate free shampoo.  This is a huge money saver as last year I only used 1 bottle of shampoo! And since I use so little shampoo now, I actually splurge for some nicer shampoos. Right now I am using this Organix shampoo. But next time I think I will buy this Yes to Carrots brand because it is also paraben free as well as sulfate free.  And to save more money and keep chemicals away from the family, I use conditioner to wash the Inara's hair too.  

I was expecting a full month of nasty greasy hair, but it actually wasn't that bad. I think for a few weeks it was pretty greasy, but then it was fine...more than fine. Its been really great ever since!  My hair is healthier, curlier, and easier to fix. I rarely use product in my hair now. This is another money saver and also keeps harsh chemicals out of my system.  And I have had multiple people ask me what I use to get my curls so nice. Its super fun to reply "Nothing! I actually don't even shampoo my hair"  So I totally suggest you give the "no poo" a try, even if you have curly hair!  

Do you currently not shampoo your hair? How long was your "greasy" phase?  If you shampoo your hair now, are you willing to give "no-poo" a try?


  1. Oh boy.. my hair is not curly, nor straight. just that in between wave thing. but it gets really greasy after 1 day! I don't know if I could stand my scalp itching... did that happen to you? Or my greasy hair to go out in public. I'm a chicken!

    1. My scalp didn't itch at all! and my hair was only greasy for a little while...and it wasn't even that bad :) You can do it!


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