Sunday, April 28, 2013

3 months I have a 3 month old. How is this possible? I just love him so much and just want to squeeze and kiss his cheeks all day long!

How sweet is this boy?

Someone got a little jealous

"I wanna be naked too, Mom!"


Weight: 13lbz 2oz
Favorite moments:  He has been really interactive and smiling all.the.time. And he is almost sleeping through the night. Regardless, we are all getting more sleep and it's wonderful
Least favorite moments: None! He is such a happy and easy baby!
Milestones: Rolling from front to back, sleeping 10 hours at night off an on, recognizing himself in the mirror, and finding his hands

He is my big snuggly boy.  He just started wearing 6 month clothes.  Thanks to Inara trying to tune out his cries by humming loudly instead of screaming at him. worked!  Every time he would start to cry, I would tell Inara to hum and he would get quiet. It's cute that she can help soothe him!  He loves people and is seriously the happiest baby I have ever seen. Inara wasn't a grump or fussy at all...but Shepherd is always smiling...and they are big smiles too :) I just love my baby boy so much!

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