Thursday, April 25, 2013

I finally did it!

Justin and I have been together for nearly 10 years. Over those years he has surprised me countless times.  I always try to get hints out of him, or ask beg him to just spill the beans early.  I have even given him permission to lie to me about what he is doing. But my sweet man doesn't want to lie to me, even if it is a little white lie :)  But this year, he broke! I knew he was planning something because he was all secretive with his phone and text messages. And he told me his surprise!   My birthday is this week, but last week he planned a surprise date night :)

His days off are Tuesday night and Wednesday night, which make it kind of difficult for a date night, but an old co-worker had volunteered to come by our house.  She agreed to hang there while our kiddos sleep and stay until after midnight so we could enjoy some time together. Sweet huh?  Well my Mom actually decided to take off work so both kids could stay with them.  A whole evening with NO kids in the house and NO middle of the night feedings? That would have been a perfectly fine gift!  Even though my birthday is this week he wanted me to really be able to enjoy my self. I started back to work this week and he didn't want me to be stressed about that so we celebrated  week early.

We started off the evening seeing Jurassic Park in 3D. It was really good in 3D and its crazy how old it is, but how good it looks. (The theme song was in my head all night long)  Then we headed to Horseshoe Casino to eat at Bobby's Burger Palace.  We had wanted to try out this burger place since we heard about it coming to the area.  Justin really liked his burger.  And while my burger was definitely not a mass produced fast food burger, it had some interesting spices that I wasn't a huge fan of.  The onion rings though...YUM YUM!

After our late dinner we headed out into the casino for a little slot action. We have only been to a casino one other time so it took us about 15-20 minutes to figure out how to actually use the slot machines.  We decided we would only spend $30 and when it was's gone.  But they have this promotion going on for first timers.  And basically if you end up loosing money on your first visit they will mail you a refund as long as you spend $50.  Also, note to first timers:  I had heard that if you are gambling drinks are free, so I ordered one.  Well they are not free, so be warned.  And the poor cocktail waitresses!  I gave her a tip and she was super thankful.  They must be used to no tips or something!

We played a few of slots and started losing our money pretty quickly.  Here's the thing about slot machines...almost all of them are boring!  We finally found this Aladdin one that was super fun! The seat vibrated and moved around to simulate you riding on a magic carpet.  And instead of just pushing a button and betting, this slot machine was interactive.  And we won a little over $250 dollars :)

We decided to play some other slots that seemed fun...Ghostbusters, Wheel-of-fortune, and some zombie one. But they were boring too.  So we headed back to Aladdin where we spent the rest of the night and kept loosing.  So we decided to call it quits.  I was asking Justin what we should spend our money on and he handed me the money and said "Happy Birthday". How fun huh?  I think I'll put it away and save it for our Disney trip...ever little bit helps!

We came home, watched a little Modern Family (Phil Dunphy...enough said), and then I was informed that I could sleep in the next morning. He was going to wake up early and go get the kids so I could enjoy the morning in bed.  A man after my heart!  It was a really fun night spending time together and I am so thankful to spend the rest of my life alongside my very best friend!  Happy Birthday to me!

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