Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Letting go of a "perfect Christmas"

We decorated for Christmas a few weeks ago. It was definitely different that previous years. This year Inara actualy wanted to help out.  At first I was really stressed because she wanted all the gardland together at the bottom of the tree, was putting all the ornaments on the same branch, and only on the bottom part too.  We kept trying to get her to move the ornaments and garland, but she just kept putting them in the same spots. Eventually I just gave up and let her do it.  Justin asked "Are you sure you are ok with that?" (Because he could sense my stress about not having things "just right") And I was ok with it actually. It was hard to do, but I had to realize that it isn't about having the perfect tree with the sparkly ornaments hung just right by a light so it glitters even more.  It's not about doing our Truth in the Tinsel ornaments every day (even if I really want to). It's about having fun with Inara and making sure she learns why we really celebrate Christmas.  And she really is getting it.  Justin and I have both had good conversations with Inara about Jesus this week :) So if it's having Joseph and Mary in Ariel's chariot while we talk about Jesus...that's cool :) 

Yes, that is one of the Shepherds from our nativity set pulling Joseph and Mary in Ariel's chariot. 

Decorating is hard work!

Listening to Mimi and PapPap "read" her the Christmas story

Making sure our nativity people match all the Veggie people from the book

Admiring her work  she said "I love you Christmas tree!"
Are there things you have had to "let go" of with little ones? Or just during a busy season of life?


  1. Replies
    1. Lauren,
      I love your sites new look. I enjoyed this post and can really relate to it. I really want to be able to enjoy this season, but it is so hard for me.

    2. Thanks! Angie from Thirsty Hearts Design tweaked it for me :) What makes it hard for you this season?

  2. I have had to let go of being able to have the perfect photos of everything because I have my hands full and it's usually just going to be snapshots these days. I have also had to let go of thinking my kids are always going to be dressed like little Gap babies. They just look like messy kids most of the time and I have learned to be okay with that too. I love the Ariel chariot, that is just too much!

    1. I wish I could get perfect photos too, but like you I realize its either little snapshots or nothing at all :) And I don't think I know any family in real life who looks like the Gap ads.


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