Friday, December 28, 2012

Inara says the darndest things!

These are just some of Inara's latest sayings that I want to remember. 

So when Inara wakes up in the morning and gets the eye boogies out of her eyes, she says "Mom, I am getting all the little seeds out of my eyes."

"So, how was your day at work?"
(or how was your nap, or your trip to the store...anything)

"Don't freak out, it was just a joke!"

Inara really loves Tangled and recently in the car she was asking some questions about why Flynn Ryder changed from being a thief to being a good guy:
"Did Flynn Ryder change because God helped him to change? Did Jesus die for his sins? Is that why he changed, Mom?"

"Speed Lemon" = "Speed Limit"

Inara was kicking my leg on the couch one day and I asked her to stop. Her response? "Mom, I just can't stop loving you!"

On our way to church one day she says, "When I see Daddy I am going to give him a loving church kiss". Girly really is a sweetie

"Can you make everyone not call Jesus "Jesus Christ" because I don't like it."

Inara while pretending with the Mom and Dad from her new dollhouse: (Mom talking to the Dad)-"I want a dinosaur. You can do anything". (Dad responding to the Mom)- "No I can't do anything, ONLY GOD CAN DO ANYTHING".


  1. These are so precious. When my son was younger (I don't remember, maybe two or three) he kept on throwing the word promise around and I finally ask him if he even knew what that word meant and he said "it means you will get your satchel back" which I am sure you can guess what gave him that idea!

    1. Lol, that is so funny. Kids say the craziest stuff sometimes :)


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