Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family fun day

These past 2 weeks have been really crazy in The Duke home.  Saturday we had no plans and it just turned into a family fun day. We stared the day at Ikea, which Inara loves. She loves to play in the little kiddo bedroom and the pretend kitchen in the restaurant. And we got to get our delicious chocolate cake that we love so much.  Also I am pretty happy to announce we have made our second Ikea trip and spend under $100...success!

Next we headed to Coco Key. During the summer they had a "Buy one get one free day pass" on one of those deal websites. It was going to expire soon, so we ventured out and went. It was super fun and Inara loved it.  We played on this indoor splash park thingy (real technical huh?) for a while. There was this one spot where they had  water guns that you could shoot at people. Inara and I were shooting it at Jusitn and I hear her yell "Dad! We are getting you because we love you. We love you Dad!" How awesome, hilarious, and sweet is that? Her other favorite spot was at the bottom of a slide where the water pooled. She called it her bath and stayed there for a good 20 minutes. "Let's take a bath guys" she kept telling us. It was pretty hilarious that her favorite part was essentially a bath :)

After we played for about an hour, Inara said she was ready to go. (So glad we didn't pay the full $40 for 1 hour!) On our way out we stopped at their little game room. Inara had a blast and I had to keep telling my self she was having fun because it was the crappiest arcade I have ever been in. Half of the games didn't work and the other half didn't even dispense tickets! Luckily Inara is 3 and didn't care. She was still having fun and walked away with enough tickets to score 2 pieces of candy, a tattoo, and a little ring.

We went home and made "Cooke Christmas Trees" as Inara called them. I tried to explain they were in fact not cookies but ice cream cones. But have you tried to correct my child before? It is a lesson in futility :)

Yeah, so what if she decorated with no pants on? :)

Here she is enjoying the fruits of her labor :)

We asked her how she liked her Christmas tree and she said, in the most monotone voice "I love it". Which is pretty hilarious if you have ever met Inara because she gets excited about everything.

We finished the night with family movie night in our bed. That was an extra special treat. For some reason she LOVES being in our bed.  And of course we watched Elf.

It was a super fun day to just spend with the 3 of us (or 4 of us if you ask Inara). Inara was cute because everything we did today she would include Shepherd.  I can't wait until she can actually meet him. I just want to remember this day because it could be one of the last "family" days we have with just the 3 of us!

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  1. First of all she sounds so cute. My son was the same way with my pregnancy, he would include the baby in EVERYTHING, which is really sweet and something I wish "prochoice" people would understand! Lastly, I should mention that we kind of have an Ikea tradition at the end of pregnancy, all the walking does tend to progress things ;)


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