Friday, November 30, 2012

How to keep the main thing the main thing

Before Justin and I even had kids we discussed how we would do Christmas. Obviously we wanted the magic and fun of the Christmas season to be experienced, but we wanted it to be more than that.  We implemented a few things before Inara came.  Her first Christmas home she was only a month old, so we didn't do much. Even the next Christmas she was really too young to do meaningful things with.

So last year when I stumbled upon a new little ebook Truth in the Tinsel. I was really excited. Even though Inara was only 2 we had a great time. The reason why I am bring it up again, is because it really is awesome.  And tomorrow is the first day to make your ornament. Here are the main reasons I love it:

1. You can do little prep work. She does all the work for you. It combines a craft each day with some scripture. She gives you scripture, a craft, and even a craft list.  Seem like too much? Last year I thought so too, but I just had to realize its not about having the perfect ornaments or even good looking ones :)  And this year Amanda makes it even easier with printable "ornaments" to use each day. 

2. It focuses on real reason for the Christmas season.  Each day there is a craft but also scripture to tell the real story. I was so thankful to have a daily reminder of what Christmas celebrates. It was good to start Inara off learning about Jesus, and it was a good reminder for me too in the midst of all the busyness of December.

3. It is quick. As a working mom, this was a really great aspect for me. There were (and are) days where we aren't home for very long.  If I had more time that day I could go in more depth with our discussion and craft time, and if not we still could have a meaningful and fun time in a few minutes.  And there are smaller plans if doing one every day is daunting to you. There is a 2 week plan and a 1 week plan too.

4. It is cheap. Truth in the Tinsel is $7.99 and the Printable Ornaments are $3.99.  If you buy both its only $11.98 and well worth it to us even when money was (and is) a little tight.  I wanted some grand advent calendar or wreath, but I was more than please with this book

Did you do Truth in the Tinsel last year? Will you try it out this year? Or how does your family keep the main thing the main thing?


  1. I know the awesome lady that wrote this. We went to church together in Atlanta (small world AGAIN). I couldn't get my act together this year, but we are definitely doing it next year.

    1. Seriously what a small world! I love her blog too!


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