Sunday, December 2, 2012

32 weeks?!

32 weeks: Baby is the size of a Jicama? I seriously had never heard of such a thing! Next week I get an u/s which I am pretty excited about. And only 47 days until we meet him!

Cravings: Someone at my work came in with a pack of S'mores Poptarts. Needless to say I have had some every morning since :)

What Inara is saying: While she still doesn't understand breastfeeding (she thinks mom's special milk comes from my belly), I think she is understanding that he (hopefully) won't be fed by a bottle for awhile. She was pretty bummed when I explained that to her. She said, "You mean the ONLY time I get to feed him a bottle is when you are at work?" I sure hope her helping spirit stays around when he arrives :) (Oh and be prepared for a hilarious video coming up where Inara says some pretty hilarious things about Shepherd)

Weight gain: 27 lbs

Things to remember: These past 2 weeks he has been moving around even more.  Gone are the little flutters and full fledged punches and kicks are taking place.  They measured my amniotic fluid this week and I got a little sneak peek of his face:) That's a good thing about bi-weekly NST.

High Risk: This week I started my NST.  Next week I have 4 appointments plus I will be working 2 extra nights at the hospital.  If you think about it, could you pray for me?  I have been sooo tired lately and just looking at my calendar next week makes me want to nap :) But other than appointments I am doing well. No high blood pressure, no swelling, no headaches. Good report!


  1. You are beautiful! I will pray for you with the work. I don't know how you do it all!

  2. ahhh he'll be here before you know it! you look great & you should definitely take a now. :)

    1. Thanks Jen, and I WAS napping when you posted that :)


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