Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my sweet smart 3 year old! I seriously cannot believe you are 3. In some ways it seems like you have just joined our family and in other ways I can't remember our life without you.  You have become so independent lately.  We bought you a little plastic stool and you move it all over the house so you can turn off lights, help with laundry, help cook, and help do dishes.  You really are super thoughtful.  You offer to share your food with us often which is a nice gesture since other times you "want all my toys to my self".  You already love your little brother so much and its super fun to see how you have already made him a part of the Duke family.  You include him in pictures and pretending. You often talk about how when he comes out of my belly you will teach him all kinds of things.

You are very friendly and outgoing. Its fun to be around you when you are around other people.  Oh Inara! I can't imagine my life without you. Even when we have rough days together (like today), I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  I love how inquisitive you are and how everything is so exciting to you.  This week I showed you how God answered your prayers on 2 separate occasions  At first you didn't seem to really care, but then when you realized what happened you gasped in awe. I hope you never loose this excitement for life and what God is doing in it.  I am so excited for what this next year will bring you!

First time I held you! A few days after you were born

Happy 1st Birthday!

Loving the beach around your 2nd birthday!

You are THREE!

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